Membership benefits

Becoming a member of the Energy Council will enable your organisation to:

  • Play a leadership role in the energy sector, and partake in resolving the current energy crisis in South Africa;
  • Positively influence a just transition in South Africa with an impact to the economy, including localisation and job creation;
  • Make your organisation’s voice heard on industry issues;
  • Bring energy sector issues and concerns to the attention of the Energy Council , other Energy Council members, key SOEs, government, government agencies, regulators and planners and be part of creating solutions;
  • Help identify and resolve policy, regulatory, planning, funding and execution bottlenecks holding back energy sector developments and projects;
  • Assist with identifying and promoting energy sector opportunities in the public and private sector developments and projects;
  • Facilitate investments in energy sector developments and projects through collaborative efforts;
  • Unlock funding constraints to energy sector developments and projects through engagements with financial institutions;
  • Participate in and influence new and amended energy sector legislation, regulations and planning;
  • Be in the know on latest energy sector news, information issues and developments;
  • Network with your peers in the energy sector; and
  • Identify and explore business opportunities in the energy sector.