NECOM Interface

The National Energy Crisis Committee (NECOM), established under the Presidency, is tasked with the implementation of the Presidential Energy Action Plan (EAP), announced by the President in July 2022. Business, Eskom and government have committed to working in partnership to support the delivery of the agreed objectives. It is framed under a partnership with Business for South Africa and backed by over 130 CEOs of the country’s leading companies.

NECOM workstreams are led by co-chairs nominated by Eskom and government and are supported by the Presidency and NECOM secretariat. Business participation is coordinated by the Energy Council with support from Business Unity SA (BUSA).

Business independently coordinates resources to focus on key identified initiatives and completes work agreed through NECOM and Eskom as contributing to and aligned with the Energy Action Plan and specific workstream objectives.

  • Business has mobilised appropriately skilled and experienced resources to form task teams to work on identified initiatives and rapidly assess opportunities and options to resolve challenges.
  • The Energy Council has mobilised dedicated resources to assist business participation and to ensure appropriate planning and governance is in place. All business participation is expected to be self-funded by business unless specifically identified and agreed otherwise.

There are currently five NECOM workstreams (1, 2, 3, 9 and 10) in which the role of business has been established. As and when the role of business in other workstreams is identified, new Business Workstream Committees will be established.

There are two types of business committees in each NECOM workstream which are responsible for representing business efforts into NECOM.

  • The Business Technical Committee is composed of industry nominated or volunteered participants. The Business Technical Committee is open for any business participation at any time by “opting-in” and registering basic information with the Energy Council via email. Participating businesses are expected to bring relevant expertise and volunteered time availability to the table.
  • A Business Workstream Committee is comprised of five business representatives, nominated from the workstream Business Technical Committee. Their task is to strengthen the relations with the co-chairs, coordinate the efforts of business, ensure structured and positive technical engagement and support mobilisation of broader business through focused task teams.

If you are interested in participating in a Business Technical Committee, or want to receive communication on NECOM activities, please register here: