Working together for
the energy sector

The Energy Council of South Africa is a CEO-led initiative that brings together key public and private sector companies, business/industry associations and finance institutions that have a significant presence and actively participate in the energy sector.

Strategic Goals

Common SA

A common vision for the energy sector

National Energy

A stakeholder-aligned national energy strategy with optimal pathways to grow the South African economy


Enabling policies and a supportive operating environment


Attract investment to drive industrialisation, localisation and job creation

What we stand for

Our Purpose

To enable a thriving and sustainable energy future for South Africa,
while supporting inclusive economic growth.

The Energy Council supports South Africa’s commitments under the UNFCCC Paris agreement and our country’s climate legislation aimed at achieving Net Zero by 2050, and further recognises the critical importance of a successful national energy transition in meeting those decarbonisation targets whilst maintaining energy security.

Our Objectives

Our Values

How do we Act

“Servant Leadership” We create trust and serve the common good.
“Respect” We value and treat all people with dignity and professionalism.

How do we Engage

“Innovation” We recognise innovation as key to South Africa’s growth and prosperity.
“Data driven” We prioritise fact-based motivations anchored on credible data.

How are we responsible

“Integrity” We strive to know and do what is right.
“Transparency” We act with openness and accountability.


The Energy Council is a voluntary association, governed by a memorandum of incorporation