Members collaborate under the Energy Council’s umbrella to address critical challenges and opportunities within South Africa’s energy transition.


A compelling offering for our members

Our member companies are key public and private sector companies, business/industry associations and finance institutions that have a significant presence and actively participate across the energy sector.

Sector strategy and insights

Developing sectoral strategy and insights for the energy sector – with energy sustainability and security as key drivers.

Policy and planning insights

Developing inclusive and competitive policy positions for the growth of the energy sector.

Impactful partnerships

Growing collaboration with partners in both the public and private sectors, with a focus on delivery, to enhance reach and impact.

International and local networks

Developing influence for South Africa’s energy sector through international and local networks.

Our Members

The Energy Council comprises a diverse and growing mix of public and private sector key players across various sub-sectors crucial to South Africa’s energy landscape and economy. The multi-sectoral composition of our membership strengthens the resolve and capability being mobilised to consistently deliver our stated purpose.

Currently 38 members joined the Energy Council and new members are added as they join.

Renewable Energy


Integrated Energy




Energy Trading