February 15, 2024

The Energy Council of South Africa joins the prestigious World Energy Council


The Energy Council of South Africa is delighted to announce our membership of the UN-affiliated World Energy Council (WEC). Membership of this prestigious global body will strengthen the standing of the Energy Council and provide access to a range of international resources and global networks, as well as leading practice across global energy systems.

The World Energy Council is the oldest independent and impartial energy community, connecting leaders, industries, governments and innovators across the world. South Africa will join over 100 countries as we launch our National Member Committee under the Energy Council of South Africa.

The World Energy Council’s mission, which is to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people, is especially relevant to Africa’s energy poverty challenges. Their approach to enabling and accelerating successful energy transitions directly supports the purpose of the Energy Council of South Africa, which is to create a thriving and sustainable energy future that drives inclusive economic growth for all South Africans.

This membership comes at a time when South Africa is currently grappling with an unprecedented electricity crisis, with 2023’s load-shedding hours eclipsing the past eight years combined. This is compounding South Africa’s ‘triple challenge’ of poverty, inequality and unemployment, and it is a crisis that is receiving the highest attention from Business leaders and Government through the Presidential Energy Action Plan.

South Africa has made firm commitments towards transitioning to a Net Zero future economy through the Paris Agreement and pending national emissions legislation. The Energy Council and its members unequivocally support these commitments and although the required energy transition will be a significant challenge, it is a significant opportunity for economic growth and clean industrialisation of South Africa. This energy transition will also unlock the largest ever capital investment portfolio we will undertake as an economy and major which must be used to reinvigorate local manufacturing, create meaningful jobs, and spur innovation and skills development for our youth.

Addressing poverty, inequality and unemployment hinges on resolving the energy crisis, progressing our energy sector modernisation and achieving South Africa’s climate commitments. In doing so, it is also critical to ensure that the guardrails of a Just Transition are in place. A balanced approach is thus required that ensures that striving to meet climate commitments and resolving the energy crisis enhance, rather than hinder, South Africa’s broader socioeconomic objectives.

We look forward to WEC’s support of South Africa’s energy transition and the reciprocal opportunity to elevate South Africa’s participation and voice in the global energy agenda.

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