What are the
benefits of joining?

The Energy Council will serve as the collective, unified voice of the energy sector in South Africa.

Members will be able to play a leadership role in South Africa’s energy sector through stakeholder and policy alignment, and assist in shaping the energy landscape for inclusive economic growth.

What is the criteria to qualify as a member?

The Board may admit members from time to time.

Subject to due compliance with any conditions of association which the Board may stipulate from time to time; and in accordance with the following criteria:

The Board may, with the approval of 75% of its members present, waive one or more of the above criteria when considering an application for association.

Click here to access membership criteria. Enquiries may be directed to

Membership Registration Process

Expression of interest

Industry association and/or individual company expresses interest to join the Council

Preliminary assessment

Council assess application to be considered as a member

Collection of information

Eligible industry association and/or individual company submits documents for due diligence

Formal invitation to apply

Council will submit formal invitation to successful member applicant for further due diligence

Receipt application

Council receives duly compliant application

Formal decision by the Board

Board makes formal decision on industry association and/or individual company